Retailer’s “Just Looking” fee, Smart Bandages, Taxi Vending Machines

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Team bonding is under-rated. A love-in every now and again can create a highly functioning team.  Getting together as a team makes conversations about anything so much easier. Take Zuni’s “Sydney small-bar adventure” last Thursday….we experienced The Rook, Uncle Ming’s and Stitch all within walking distance and by Tuesday we seem to be more cohesive than ever before. Cocktails are the glue that holds our team together (it used to be dumplings for Zuni, it’s now officially cocktails). Mike can atest to never ordering an Air Mail again, and I can see us using Elixr (cocktail sharing app) at every opportunity hereafter. Or perhaps it’s time for Sharebox – an HR tool to share employee passions. So get in there and enjoy some team love, the rewards are heart warming.

Packs of Stats for 2013


If you’re short on stats – then I’ve got the link for you. Econsultancy have pulled out their best for Q1 2013 which are packed full of interesting stats including: mobile for brand engagement, data-driven communications, increasing digital marketing budgets, user experience improved sales and business growth. Download these amazing resources with a click of your mouse.

$5 “Just Looking” Fee


How do you feel about a local Brisbane business charging customers a $5 “just looking fee”? In order to crack down on people showrooming in this local specialty food store in Brisbane, the owners have posted up a sign about the just looking fee, which is charged on entry, and refunded upon purchase. Personally, I’d be surprised if this company is still in business in 6 months. Shocking customer service. Way to go to encourage your customers to return, not!

VWs Golf & GTI unveiled


I don’t drive a Golf, nor do I desire one, but for the people I know who do, the 2013 unveiling from VW is speaking their language. Launched at the New York Auto Show, VW put out an impressive 2-min pop culture timeline using AR technologies. The application shows how the Golf has changed over the years and pays tribute to Nintendo, iPod and The Matrix – reaffirming its credentials with their target audience. Really clever stuff VW, just what I expect from you and your clever marketing team.

Wearable Technology


No, this isn’t about Google Glasses. It’s all about LinkMe, a Kickstarter funded bracelet. This tech-wear will actually display your incoming text messages & notifications. I think the LCD text will need to improve its prettiness if it’s going to be picked up, but I like the concept overall. Even 50 Cent is in discussions with the creators about what to do with this. Would you wear technology like this? Can you answer my poll – I’m really interested to know if you’d wear this or not.

Taxi Vending Machines


Imagine:  It’s late at night, you’ve picked up “someone special” at 3am, you jump in a cab and, instead of getting to that “have you got…” moment, you just sort out a condom in the cab (make that a bacon flavoured condom). Via a vending machine. And grab a pack of chewing gum for minty clean breath and a can of Coke for energy, while you’re at it. If only they could sell hot dogs and kebabs (and a toothbrush), this would be a ripper idea.

Bandages Detect Infections


Oh yep, now this is awesome. As if Band-Aids haven’t come far enough with the Muppets (which are just too good to be true), there’s now a bandage which can detect the onset of infection. The sensors are built into the bandage, looking in particular for the presence of Pseudomonas aerug­i­nosa, a bacteria that commonly takes advantage of people with compromised immune systems. Surely with technology like this, we can keep the hospital beds free for people with immediate needs.

Spare Baggage Allowance


On the surface, it sounds like a great idea – marrying travellers with spare luggage allowance to those who are weighing in over the limit. Social connections make it easy for Jib Il to launch their business, connecting people who need to send something, somewhere, with those travelling that way. But no matter how much I think of this concept, I keep thinking about Schapelle Corby. Drug trafficking. Unpaid items. It’s not sitting well with me. I’d like to see where this goes though.

Bits & Pieces


  • Great selection of retailers embracing responsive web design, where ecommerce is important. Even a beads site is up for the challenge.
  • Tablet sales growth are up 78.4% YoY and are set to overtake desktop sales in 2013
  • Central Park in NYC created the World Park in 2010, showcasing a range of innovative technology to make the park appealing to a younger audience whilst embracing its history. This photography project of split-screen photos showing before and after shots of various locations has such potential, taking the whole AR experience of history-seeping sites to a new level. If a park can do it, anyone can.
  • Young people and technology are like peaches and cream, you can’t really separate the two. When it comes to using technology to promote wellbeing in young people, here’s a great report from the Young and Well CRC on how to connect health and support services with young people effectively.
  • Google reckons it’s not going to put advertising on Google Glasses. Considering the hype to get your hands on a pair, I think it’s only a matter of time before ads have a price tag attached. A very lucrative price tag I suspect. So what do the ad options look like?
  • I’m very nostalgic. I kept a day by day written diary for 20 years because I like reflection so much. There’s an app that can help me harness my emotional side – ThrowBack – by letting users schedule photos to be sent to friends in the future. LOVE. Have just downloaded, will report on this next issue. Beats writting letters to yourself sealed “don’t open until 2017”.
  • Inspiring customer service quotes are always good to re-read. It’s all too true.


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