Mike does Tough Mudder and NRMA tells it how it is

Best of Jacki – Newsletter

Over the years, most of our clients would have met the lovely Jacki. She was Zuni’s first employee, seeing all our growth and development over the years. 

You know you’re on the downhill run of the year when there’s 12 days till the Melbourne Cup, less than 30 days to the AdNews Challenge and 62 days till Christmas. If you’re going to cross a few things off your resolution list, then time is running out. Mike proved to himself that 40 is the new 30 by competing in and completing Tough Mudder and Ryan tells us how computer gaming can inform your business strategy.

It’s always a heart-warming feeling to receive feedback on the work that we do, but to receive an unsolicitored blog about the value of an independent digital consultant working with a brand is just on another level. Jason Stidworthy, Head of Group Marketing, Digital, Member & Customer Experience for NRMA Motoring & Services shares 5 Reasons to Use An Independent Consultant based on his experience of working with Mike and Zuni over the last 6 years.

Four ways finance brands offer real value via social media

At first glance social media is a tough challenge for banks and financial service organisations. Banks and their mutli-gazillion dollar profits don’t naturally lend themselves to a ‘like’ or being a ‘friend’ in your social space. With so much of our banking happening via mobile and online, with no people involved, the notion of a relationship is more of a stretch than ever before.

However brands can achieve social success and deliver real ROI if they offer tangible value to their customers via social media and we’ve found four unique examples of just that. We’ve written about them over on the ADMA blog.

When is it ok to Instagram your boobs?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the time of year we typically see cryptic Facebook updates and lots of reasons to shop pink.
One campaign that stands out for me is #mamming. #Mamming is all about laying your clothed boobs on a flat surface, snapping a picture, tagging it #mamming and sharing it on your social networks. A good use of humour as a tangible conversation starter to drive up awareness of the importance of mammograms.

Content marketing for retail

If you are an ASOS regular (many in the Zuni office are!), then you may have noticed that ASOS have recently made some design changes to their e-commerce site, incorporating a much greater emphasis on visual content.

Mike and Val offer their expert opinions on these changes. It’s worth a read for some interesting disucssion on the direction of e-commerce IA and analysis of ASOS’s choice of changes.

Drones to deliver textbooks

As a speedier, cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional delivery methods, Australian startups Zookal & Flirty are in the process of establishing Australia as the first to use UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles..in case you had to ask) for e-commerce delivery, by using drones to deliver texbooks. I mean, wow! Using drones shaves days and important dollars off standard delivery. Definitely one to watch!

Will you wear a smart watch?

I haven’t worn a watch for years. I can keep track of the time on any number of screens that are in my immediate vacinity. The big guns of the digital world are obviously hoping that I am an anomoly.

There are rumours aplenty that  Apple, Google and even Nokia are developing products in this space. The Apple iwatch is the sleekest of the lot with its Nike fuel-band appeal, but let’s hope the bracelet style Nokia Facet is one that doesn’t get developed!

Bits & Pieces

  • Something that the Kindle simple can’t create…heart-felt messages written inside the covers of books. As Always is an archive of handwritten inscriptions found inside second-hand books.
  • Good company, food and music….and wine; the basic ingredients for a fun dinner party. Spotify has created a new app, Supper. It pairs great food from brilliant chefs around the world with their ideal music choices for each recipe.
  • If you’re an old school marketer and still not sold on the benefits of content marketing then take a look at this video Persuasion and the Power of Story. It’s 5 mins but well worth it.
  • Infographics are one of the best weapons you can have in your content marketing arsenal so you might like to check out these 9 Awesome Powerful Free Infographic Tools.
  • If you want to take your brands Google+ page beyond mere SEO link juice then take a look at these 10 brands with great Google+ pages for some inspiration.
  • This week’s funny comes to you from Medieval Land Fun-time World Extended Trailer featuring bad lip synching from Game of Thrones cast.


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