Zuni’s last edition for 2013 and an infographic of our year

Best of Me – Newsletter

As we gear up to switch off for the Christmas break and enjoy the sunshine, this will be Zuni’s last Best of Me for the year. You can see from the infographic below, which demonstrates our achievements in 2013, that it’s been a great year for Zuni. We couldn’t have done it without you, our clients, and we collectively say a big thank you for your support.

Mike’s article in Power Retail explores the most valuable new technology to hit our retail experiences – iBeacons (trust me, you’ll want to know about these); Ryan ticked off his blog publication check list with a story in B&T about playing nicely with other agencies; I’ve told the universe about my awesome Shoes of Prey experience and if that’s not enough, then have a laugh at my favourite YouTube Video of the Week – Wear the Fox Hat or check out Zuni’s Christmas Party photos.

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas everyone!

From Val, Mike and the Zuni team.


Where is Santa right now?

Well, clearly the answer is at the North Pole, because it’s still seven sleeps until Christmas. Right?

You may know that you can follow Santa’s progress on Google Maps as he makes his Christmas Eve trip, but did you know that you can visit his village every day through December and play a new game? Google’s taken their Santa Tracker one step further, creating a fun digital advent calendar. If you’re on Android, Santa Tracker is also available as an app.


Could you give up the internet?

What happens when you give up accessing the internet – whether checking your email, calendar, the weather, looking up directions or mindlessly refreshing Facebook to see pictures of your best friend’s dog – for one week? Not sure I could do it. But luckily, Mother London ran an experiment to find out, so you don’t have to. Watch the documentary here.


Our Zuni Year – our first infographic!

Christmas is always a time for reflection, so this year we thought we’d look back over 2013 and create an infographic of what we’ve been up to.

Thanks to all our clients, new and old, for a fantastic year and we can’t wait to work with you all again in the new year.


Can data improve patient outcomes?

Mount Sinai hospital in New York is attempting an ambitious project to combine data science with modern medicine. Researchers are mining through data including patient records to create a ‘learning health care system’ – one that leverages the power of data to challenge our existing biological and medical understanding to develop predictive models. The future of healthcare is on the way.


Is context the new king?

In my recent Mumbrella article, I suggested we should think about dropping the ubiquitous catchcry of ‘Content is King’ in 2014 (amongst many other things). But what replaces that one? Here’s a slideshare with some interesting thinking about the future of content – context.

Or of course you can jump onto Mumbrella and share in the comments what you’d like to leave behind in 2013.


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