Hello 2015, meet our new junior strategist

Best Of Me- We’re back!

Through the heat waves of Sydney summer, the Zuni team are back in full swing. First and foremost, we’ve padded out our team again. You may remember one familiar face in this photo, that’s Rebecca Guest, our Marketing Manager, who left us 12 months ago to have baby #2 (Olive) and has now returned part time. On the right hand side is Isha Karnik, our enthusiastic junior strategist, whom we met through our SheSays Speed Mentoring date last year. Onwards and upwards for all of us in 2015; it’s going to be a cracking year!

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 China- Is Go

24cf33c5-e615-4743-9a8b-0c5f6c97be35In case you’re not aware, there’s a pretty big boom going on in China. With 618 million internet users representing only 45% of the country’s population (and accounting for almost 1/4 of the world’s internet users), it might be time for you to get your head around the stats and facts of China’s digital landscape. If you’re interested in entering the Chinese market with your brand and aren’t sure where to start, drop me a line, as I have a strategy for entering the Chinese market which may fit your needs.



7 Ways Universities Are Using Facebook For Marketing As Zuni works with a number of educational institutions, Facebook tends to come up quite often as the silver bullet platform, at a time where 11 million+ young people have fled the social network since 2011. It’s not so much the answer to all communication needs, but it’s a great solution for garnering a community where students come together from across the globe and share their pride.

2015 Trends: The Year Of Interactive Experiences 



Oh come on, I needed to include at least one ‘trend’ article in the first month of the new year, how on earth can you escape them! If these seven trends for 2015 aren’t already on your radar in some shape or form, then it’s time to re-do your marketing bucket list for the year and get prioritising.

 How To Write Your Own Digital Strategy

b00046dc-90aa-401f-9739-fbb3e4fbc8beNow more than ever I hear businesses desperately crying out for a digital strategy, but they usually don’t have the budget, time, or skills to develop it. At Zuni, we’ve listened to this, and have addressed the needs through our new product; Zuni Uni. It’s a cross between a training course and consulting services, where we’ll teach you what you need to do and guide you through it. At the end of our course, you’ll have developed the digital strategy that you need and be up-skilled in the process. Start off the new year with your new strategy and get in touch with Miranda for more information on our next course. 

If You’re A Band In 2015…

…then Blink 182’s guitarist has your back. He’s launched Modlife; an online dashboard providing artists with all the tools, bells and whistles they need to digitise their entire offering. The platform can be customised and does everything from managing content, selling memberships, so77e0b979-12da-4bc6-b734-fe16afeb18decial media monitoring and engagement, development of a mobile app and all the e-commerce you can poke a stick at for merchandise. Ultimately, bands can cut out the middle-man in this complicated industry. If it’s good enough for Pearl Jam and Kanye West…

 Shop With A Swipe

493bf5ab-b39c-4f42-b263-c6810692fc1bMy dream is slowly coming true; to be able to make a purchase with a single swipe. The mobile app, Spring, curates an Instagram-like feed for brands of shoppable images. You can follow specific brands or browse the various categories. Whilst the transaction is completed in-app, the brands themselves take care of distribution. If apps are meant to address a particular consumer problem, then I’m on board. Sounds a bit like Pinterest doesn’t it?

 Bits & Pieces 

  • A new year, a new start for many. These are the 10 behaviours that could kill your career , so perhaps take a few minutes to read this and save yourself. 
  • Few celebrities do anything worthwhile with their social profiles. Of course, there’s the infamous Twitter feed from James Blunt which is always good for a laugh, but now there’s a new front runner – Taylor Swift. Her Christmas well-wishes is an absolute masterclass in social media engagement.
  • Google Glass is dead. Well, for the time being anyway. It’s not so much a surprise, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. Privacy and safety were definitely concerns for me, but it seems vanity actually won the race.
  • Get your bingo cards ready! It’s time for: 10 Content Marketing Buzzwords You’re Going To Hear Way Too Much This Year. Brilliant.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) is a lot of fun, but relatively expensive for marketing, with lots of WOW factor but usually little return. Fret no further, as I’ve found an awesome AR developer; at a fraction of the ‘usual’ costs. Check out Sydney Interactive, they’ve done some great work and if you mention me, Thomas will look after you.
  • Don’t miss this: The IKEA customer journey from search to checkout and beyond


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