Should Apple share your health data with the GP?

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As usual there’s plenty happening in digital circles, and Marks’ first issue below is covering off some of the biggest opportunities heading our way. It sounds like digital bingo with Google, Apple, Microsoft, Cannes Lions and the internet, yet these are the “game changers” of our time. Speaking of game changers, make sure you watch this clever take on the marketing & advertising industries from Creative Fuel – a one day conference showcasing creativity from the world’s most inspiration minds. It gave me a true laugh out loud. Hope you enjoy Mark’s edition and catch you again soon. Valentina

What’s happening at Google?

As online marketers we should be aware of what the world’s most valuable brand is up to. In this talk, Larry Page gives a great overview of what’s happening at Google and what they’re trying to do next. It’s a great interview and fascinating to watch, so if you have a spare 15 minutes, give it a whirl. The algorithms that drive Google’s search prowess are a closely guarded secret, but there’s no doubt that they are insanely complex. You can guarantee it’s just going to get better, particularly considering their recent acquisitions. They’ve been buying companies since 2007, and since 2010, they have acquired one per week, on average. These companies vary in their application significantly and are somewhat expected, as you can see here, but occasionally there’s a purchase that raises eyebrows. Recently they acquired DeepMind, which is an artificial intelligence company. They specialise in deep learning, which is a relatively new offshoot in the field of AI. This is clearly at the base of Google’s strategy. It means machines will technically be able to learn unsupervised, whereas in traditional machine learning they need a lot of manual input. When this comes in to play, and it will, we will need to radically evaluate the way we use Google for marketing purposes. Here at Zuni, we’ll keep a close eye on these matters and will be sure to update our clients on any important developments.


Skype does something amazing

The team at Microsoft’s Skype, the world’s most popular web chat tool – where users can partake in fuzzy, jittery, voice-lagging video calls – have announced something incredible. They’ve been developing Skype Translator, which gives real-time translation for people speaking different languages. It’s also based ondeep learning and is still in development phase, but they felt confident enough to display it for the world to see. You can view a summary and watch the video here. It’s pretty impressive, but maybe they should also look at addressing the fundamentals.


Cannes Lions 2014 predictions

It’s that time of year again, where the best in the creative industries get together to showcase their work, hope for the chance to grab an award, and drink enough champagne to fell a herd of elephants. This slideshow gives a fantastic overview of the themes and contenders. As always with the Cannes Lions, it’s amazing to see what some brands have been up to and you can hopefully draw some inspiration. Evolution of ideas is just as valuable as innovation, after all.


Apple announce iOS8, including HealthKit

One part of the new Apple mobile iOS update that got everyone talking was the HealthKit. This is apple’s attempt to streamline data captured from multiple fitness apps so that users can overlay all of them easily on to one another. It looks great and will surely be of great appeal to all the fitness gurus out there. However, Apple wants to take this one step further and make it possible for you to share your health information with your doctor. This is a pretty big step and Apple is facilitating this by partnering with the Mayo Clinic and Epic Systems; the former being a hospital and the latter providing software for healthcare organisations.


Is Net Neutrality under threat?

There’s trouble afoot for our beloved internet over in the US. For a while, cable companies have been trying to impose a tiered system for traffic, basically meaning that if you pay, your site/service will get priority. Net Neutrality, one of the founding principles of the internet as we know it, is under threat. If the Federal Communications Commission gets their way, it will mean, ultimately, a less competitive internet and fewer start-ups emerging which drive innovation. However, last week, owing at least partly to John Oliver’s rant, the government petition page against this movement was so overwhelmed that it crashed. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this, because it will have implications globally if it goes ahead.


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