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It’s of course apt that Jacki’s Canva image on the right is a call for recruitment. We’re currently on the look out for a strategic planner to join our team. If you or someone you know might be up for the challenge, drop us a line.

Other huge news in digital is the change of privacy laws which came into effect last week – and if you’re not up to speed, then I highly recommend ADMA’s Data Pass – online training that puts you ahead of the rest. Most of our team is undertaking this at present, so if you have any privacy questions, give us a shout. This also means I need to alert you to the fact that our Privacy Policy has been updated, to better reflect our practices in keeping your privacy our priority.

Lastly, Zuni celebrated turning 4 years old on Saturday. We could never have done this without the fantastic clients that we work with and want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all of you who have brought us this far.

Best regards, Valentina

Digital drives in-store retail customer experience

US jeans retailer Hointer is using digital to drive its in-store shopping experience. Customers can choose from 150 styles of jeans which are hanging on steel cables in the store. By downloading the Hointer app customers scan the QR code on the tag of their chosen product, enter the desired size, and within 30 seconds a robot delivers the product to the dressing room. The app directs the customer to their dressing room. If the jeans don’t fit, no more waiting for a sales assistant, just use the app and voila they will appear! Customers can purchase the jeans from right there in the change room.

Hointer tracks real-time shopper activity in store, and gives brands access to the data on the retailers portal, providing instant feedback on which styles sell well and which need to be pulled.

Geekwire CEO gives us a first hand look at how the shopping experience works in this video.

First kiss cynical brand content

The First Kiss video documented 20 strangers kissing for the first time was pitched as a celebration of beauty and awkward intimacy. Aw shucks, until it was revealed there was a clothing brand behind it and the strangers were actors. At almost 43million views it can be deemed a pretty successful piece of content marketing. I wonder if it will translate into sales or new customers? But now the real fun begins with the parodies. There is First Sniff starring dogs, and First Hand Job (the action starts at 1:20).

Can our brains keep up with our eyes?

There was a lot of buzz on social media last week about the Spritz speed reading technology, and its promise to triple the speed at which you read. Go on, try it yourself. At first glance it truly is amazing, and in the age of short attention spans it promises enormous potential. Or does it. Our brains still need to comprehend what we read. And I’m not sure if mine can keep pace at 600 words per minute.

Professional designs made easy

Canva is a free, simple, graphic design tool that allows even the most creatively challenged amongst us to produce professional images. Developed by Australians, the tool has a library of over a million images and uses drag and drop functionality for image creation. Take a look at how easy it is in this short video.

Yes my awesome graphic at the top of this newsletter was made using Canva.

Content strategy and content marketing

If you talk to a graphic designer they will tell you they create beautiful images and infographics, come up with creative concepts, and turn inspiring ideas into executions. They are actually heavily involved in creating content as an every day part of their job. But they might not realise it. Similarly their boss might not think of them as a content marketer because they don’t do copywriting.

It is quite common for experienced marketers and people involved in producing content on a daily basis to have different a understanding about what content marketing is. Likewise there is often confusion around content strategy. This article does a good job of explaining the relationship between content strategy and content marketing. For those of you unsure about content, I hope it helps.

Bits & Pieces

  • If your own kids drive you nuts, imagine trying to argue with this toddler. Me thinks he is mimicking his father.
  • If you want more entertainment and giggles in your Twitter stream then start following these 25 Twitter accounts to make you laugh. I would also add local girl @nadinevoncohen to that list. Her budget and election commentary are very #upbeat. But be warned she YELLS and starts every tweet with a profanity. She isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I enjoy it.


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