A protest by Holograms

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I’d love a trip to Tassie to meet up with our client University of Tasmania (UTAS), but I’m pretty pleased it’s Miranda going this week as it’s been snowing in Hobart! With UTAS celebrating 125 years this year, there are some really exciting events and initiatives in planning. Also, Mark has written an eye-opening blog post for Marketing Magazine, predicting that artificial intelligence (AI) is the next big thing following big data and content marketing. If you’re up for cutting edge, this article is it.



Content & Marketing Solution SAS Dream

efcd7c20-6759-44fc-bbdc-174f7043c5e6I had the absolute pleasure of receiving a demo of Percolate, The System of Record for Marketing. In other words, a complete web and mobile software platform to manage all your marketing in one place. Whilst there’s a plethora of platforms out there all claiming to do the same thing, Percolate is most certainly one step ahead of the rest. Having recently secured $40m in Series C investment, this outstanding management platform has a huge raft of integrated releases due this year. I highly recommend checking out the capabilities of this platform if you’re searching for a solution to pull all your marketing together, be it a local or global scale. Percolate is a marketer’s dream come true.


Facebook’s Instant Articles

Publishers can now publish directly to Facebook with Instant Articles. Publishers can sell ads in their articles and keep the revenue, or they can choose to use Facebook’s Audience Network to monetise unsold inventory. This is a pretty big deal for revenues being split with Facebook, considering their launch partners include The New York Times, National Geographic, BuzzFeed and BBC News. It looks like ‘Content Is King’ again and further, Facebook looks set to actually be a news source more than a social conversation platform. 

Australian MediaScapes



If you’re like me, complex landscapes are best explained in a picture! That’s where MediaScapes from MediaScope comes in. MediaScapes are visual roadmaps of the entire Australian commercial media and advertising landscape. I use them all the time in my training material and they’re awesome to get a snapshot of who’s who in the zoo. It’s fascinating to look at the comparisons in digital landscape alone from 2010 to 2015. No wonder our marketers need help keeping up to date!




A Protest By Holograms

Holograms freak me out a bit. They are so real that I can’t get my head around them. This story caught my attention, not because of the holograms used, but because of the super clever message behind their use. In Madrid, protesters carried out a virtual march on the steps of the Spanish Parliament, via Holograms For Freedom. The protest was against new ‘gag’ laws being introduced, where unauthorised public protesting will incur hefty fines and possible prison sentences for spreading messages of a demonstration. The hour long protest had more than 2,000 world-wide participants, with a clear message, that real people have less freedoms than their holographic versions. So much WOW.

Donate Health Data To Research


As I normally manage my diabetic condition with gamification precision, I know the benefits of having an app to not only record my condition but also as a way of maintaining medication adherence, accurate tracking of progress, and reporting. I constantly wonder why my app provider, Sanofi-Aventis, hasn’t asked to de-identify my data for research purposes. That’s the wonderful side of myHealthPal. They’ve seen the potential benefits of all that data and are now giving people with long-term health conditions the opportunity to donate all that valuable information to research. I do exactly the same for the Genetics department at Harvard Medical School for my daughter’s condition. Outstanding work from myHealthPal, currently being trialled with Parkinson’s patients and further trials with US and UK teaching hospitals to be announced. If diabetic testing gets added to the list, I’ll certainly be raising my hand.



 Drones Could…

Plant 1 billion trees a year. At present, our industrialised deforestation destroys about 26 billion trees a year, and our human hand-planting method replants approximately 15 billion trees a year. A former NASA engineer has devised a plan for multi-purpose drones to take up the labour-intensive role. The extremely cost-efficient methodology could shoot out seeds at the rate of 10 pellets per minute (36,000 trees a day) at an expected 85% reduction in costs compared to traditional methods. This is seriously changing the world, 1 billion trees at a time.

 Bits & Pieces

  • The 2015 CV, and it’s not LinkedIn. It’s a website completely about yourself and it’s created by branded.me, using your LinkedIn profile information. I’ll get around to this one day and share my profile.
  • This dinner plate tells you when you’re eating too much. The SmartPlate even analyses what you eat. Perhaps it’s not for everyone!
  • I’m not surprised at the outcomes, but Australian mother’s smartphone habits are revealed from this 2014 study.
  • A character controlled by a hacker who used exploits to dominate the online game Guild Wars 2 has been put to death in the virtual world. The character was stripped, then forced to leap to their death from a high bridge. Bizarre!


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Mike Zeederberg
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