A Neurologist’s guide to creating memorable ads

Google confirms quality content matters, and wants you to make better mobile apps

Whilst the days of white text on a white background to boost your search rankings are long gone, getting to the top of the page on Google has always been a bit of a black art – but Google are continually sharpening their algorithm so it aligns with user needs – quality content that other people like so much they link to it. Given that the search engine accounts for at-least  31.04% of traffic to your website, isn’t it great you can make it all work at the same time.  This candid interview by a Senior Quality Search Strategist from Google Ireland  revealed the 3 most important ranking factors. Not surprisingly, quality content was the number one factor that influences your search presence. It’s definitely worth checking out Google Webmasters, Google’s online learning portal on creating quality content.  And whilst you’re getting advice from Google, their UX team have literally written a book on how to design a better app.

A neurologist’s guide to create memorable ads

Ad recollection techniques What’s the secret to making ads people actually remember? According to a research piece commissioned by the UK TV marketing body ThinkBox, there are 6 ways to make an ad memorable. Essentially, these ads should not stereotype male/female roles or ethnicities and must seamlessly integrate the product into the narrative. The use of plenty of pauses, breaks and changes of pace saw to a 20% higher recall of the ad.  Ads that are driven by a soundtrack are best at creating long term memories — especially when lyrics match the action. Ads that used music like this were reportedly 14 per cent more efficient than those that use just passive, background music. 

Sendle, Shippit & Australia Post

Shippit -Aus Post Clearly there is a lot of friction in the parcel delivery space, with a number of start-ups stepping up to help relieve the frustration generated by Australia Post’s levels of service. Sendle is going head-to-head with Aus Post  leveraging the unused capacity of the courier services to enable person-to-person postage.  Local logistics start up Shippit who has partnered with retailers and local couriers to offer flexible delivery alternatives has finally teamed up with Australia Post.  Shippit enables retailers to offer customers a 3-hour time slot, meaning you know what day and roughly when your package is coming so you don’t have to stress about not being home to miss it. You can then track your parcel online in real-time through SMS and email alerts, scrapping the need for Australia Post’s tracking number system.  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! 

Jewellery for your thigh gap
Thigh gap jewellery

A Singaporean based designer has created an entire site dedicated to selling thigh gap jewellery. The thigh gap has been seen as an unhealthy and unreasonable beauty standard for years, with several young girls go to extremes to achieve this look. However there’s a catch. The collection does not actually exist! When you go to check out one of the items, you are redirected to a site that delves into the unrealistic body image related expectations placed upon women.  What a clever way to use ecommerce to promote a wider social message.



Tinder: It’s a match- you and a personified STD!

STDs on Tinder

Last week, Tinder (the dating app) teamed up with Aussie condom brand Hero Condoms to promote safe-sex amongst the app users. Ten profiles appeared on the dating app with names like “Sydphilis,” “Herpeia,” and “Chadmydia,” paying homage to common STDs. Once matched, the STD explained to their match the ways to prevent contracting the disease in a bid to promote safe sex. What I like about this execution is how effective this channel is in engaging with the target audience. With a global user base of 50 million people where 85% fall between the ages of 18-34,there are quite a few brands who have appeared on the app. From Dominos to Amnesty International here are 7 splendid Tinder campaigns.

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