A Mini-Bar Of Fashion

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It’s coming up to the EOFY and everyone’s in a spin, so I’ll keep it short. I’ve always been fascinated by NASA’s Facebook page and engagement, so I was delighted to hear Isha also loves it and shares her three social media lessons from space. Mark’s taken a look at the buzzword of the year – Digital Transformation. His recommendations for getting this right and all the things you should consider are quite entertaining and definitely worth the read.



A Yawning Digital Billboard

Digital billboards are still finding their feet in my opinion. I appreciate that Google let us play with billboard content at the airport and that McDonalds can get you playing Pong, but what about something a little more in line with the budgets that most marketers have to play with? This campaign from Café Pélé in Brazil is using a single insight to drive store visitation and coffee sales; that yawning is catchy. Strategically placed digital placements at local train stations have a yawner on them, driving an epidemic of coffee-seeking individuals across town. Catchy indeed, great use of the medium during the morning commute.

A Mini-Bar Of Fashion

1c24c784-2f62-4746-9743-87eac7b7e807While not digital, this revenue extension for the hotel industry is just beautiful. Fashion brand Pimkie is stocking their latest fashion and accessories collection through a boutique hotel in Belgium. Cast aside those chips and peanuts in favour of a carefully curated stock of items such as a raincoat, shoes and sunglasses, depending on the location and weather. As a frequent traveller, I’m often left without the right attire, largely pending the weather, and would find this extremely useful. Guests can request sizes from concierge, items can be worn immediately and you simply pay for items on check-out. Unsurprisingly, there are plans for the same roll out in Milan, Barcelona, Berlin and Paris. 




The Generational Content Gap

It’s not so much a surprise that different generations consume different content. However, what is interesting is how they consume that content; what time of day and how engaged they are. This cool infographic from Social Media Today highlights some great stats comparing Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers. It’s the Baby Boomers consuming the most content, but their time of day differs…

Digital Makeup Artist With 3D Printer

e7327745-4055-423f-b255-64414d3688d0Just another OMG moment in the world of digital. We now have the world’s first 3D printer applying professional celebrity makeup trends directly to your face. Using a smartphone, you just choose or upload the makeup look you’re after and the MODA App will communicate your selection to the printer. 30 seconds later and voila, professional makeup complete. Some women enjoy makeup application. I’m not one of them. I’ve tried for 4 years and watched over 30 online videos to achieve the smokey-eye and I’m a consistent failure. Whilst these innovations may appear ridiculous to some, think of the extended use beyond the home, like theatre and film where makeup application can take hours.

Measuring The Hashtag5eb14589-942a-432c-9859-9798dd5c5071

A common question I receive during training  is “what’s with the hashtag?” There are of course the useful hashtags like #digitalmarketing, and the not-so-useful hashtags like #ifeellikechickentonight. I think Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake summed it up nicely with their parody. All jokes aside, the hashtag can be extremely powerful; remember #illridewithyou? Simply Measured have shared 12 tips to track a hashtag campaign effectively, with additional guides on measuring and promoting hashtags.

Empathetic Wearables – Are You Ready For This?

96f071f7-3fce-4d98-9819-7174a41e7474It’s not exactly new, it just has a catchy name. Perhaps it’s more than a name in this case, as we meet Doppel; it’s a watch-like bracelet that emits a pulse on your wrist, using different rhythms to either hype you up or calm you down. Much like a baby that falls asleep to a heartbeat, our body has a natural response to different types of rhythms. The only disappointment with this innovation so far is the battery life, lasting only 10 hours at its lowest setting. 


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