Technology Trends Transforming Consumer Communication

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With the countdown on to the end of the year, everywhere I turn there is a bunch of lose ends just waiting to be tied up. Be it training, implementation of innovative marketing solutions or just relaunching a website, it seems we’re all running around in crazy mode. On the basis that we don’t have much time up our sleeves, I’ll spare you a random introduction to this week’s newsletter. I hope you like it!


7 Technology Trends Transforming Consumer Communication

Hopefully you’re on board with my firm belief that technological capability is what drives consumer behaviour in digital. If you’ve just agreed with me, then you’re going to love this SlideShare which reinforces just how connected our consumers are. Google’s ZMOT has been around for a while, but not everyone is taking a lot of notice. Every moment is one that influences, directs or decides. The customer’s journey begins before you’ve said a single word to them, regardless of device, and if you’re not taking notice now, you might find yourself in the job queue alongside Kodak.

Do Not Touch


Crowdsourced Music Video
In this day and age where we can crowdsource anything and everything, this neat little music video is no exception. Using the simple mouse cursor, this interactive campaign is quite addictive (and difficult). Simply follow the instructions with your cursor; easy. Right? Perhaps it’s Mondayitis that made me go cross-eyed. 


American ExpressAmerican Express Do Content Curation
It’s so unusual that I can find an example of content curation from financial services. In the words of American Express, their Tumblr page is designed to “motivate and inspire you to live life to the fullest.” Incorporating hashtags for #everydaymoments, I found myself pleasantly engaged in little tips to improve my day, as well as consumer generated articles that delivered on their promise of “stories”. Well done American Express; great job. Not at all what I was expecting.


The Facebook Data Sell Off
Facebook's Targeting GoldIt was only a matter of time, and that time has now come. You may (or may not) have known that Facebook bought the Microsoft ad-serving platform, Atlas, back in February last year. It was always going to be a recipe for success; the information obtained through a media ad-server + Facebook personalised data = targeting gold. If you thought the targeting on Facebook alone was good, you’re about to be knocked off your perch, as the platform now offers individually targeted ads across the rest of the internet. I don’t feel like Big Brother is watching in a bad way, I’m looking forward to advertising that makes an actual difference to me, personally. 


eBay and PayPal split upeBay And PayPal Go It Alone
When two giants in our digital world separate, it’s time to take some notice. While it all made sense in the early eBay days, the introduction of so many players in ecommerce have certainly ruffled some feathers. Think Facebook and Twitter, and what about the plans for Pinterest and Facebook ‘Buy Now’ buttons… And now Apple Play as a new contender, it’s time for PayPal to rethink its business position and partnerships. The more payment options a retailer can provide, the more confident they can be that conversions are in the pipeline. Are you ready for this change?


A/B Testing A Website Design
ClickTaleJust because a trendy new web design is all the rage doesn’t mean you should implement it. This great report from ClickTale Customer Experience Consultants explains the results of a website redesign A/B test and how the tested design is not compatible with the way our brains are hard-wired. Basically, recognizable shapes and objects are essential to produce a positive overall digital customer experience. Does your business website cut the mustard?

Vdopia Mobile InsightsDeath Of The Banner Ad
With an average CTR (click-through) of 0.02% in the Australian market, the argument that banner ads are effective is weakening. I don’t think anyone has found mobile banner ads to create the cut-through required in our cluttered advertising landscape, where the channel lends itself perfectly to immersive formats like video. A report from mobile video advertising company, Vdopia, analysed ads served to 23m people in the UK and found that the number of ads fell from 14% to 4% in just six months. Not surprisingly, rich media ad formats accounted for 96% of mobile ads. There’s a time and a place for banner ads, though surely consumers are ready for something a little more innovative. There’s a huge opportunity with video now and advertisers should be riding this wave.

Bits & Pieces

  • For our bikie lovers out there, you might like this new scooter. Firstly, it’s electric. Secondly, it carries cargo. It may be your next ride.
  • 3D printing now allows you to print your own makeup.  Bring. It On.
  • Here are 7 great things to do on a Friday to make Monday much better. Quick. Easy. Effective.
  • Ever been accused of selective hearing? I have. Soundhawk is an innovative piece of equipment, like a Bluetooth piece that you attach to your ear, and via an app, you can control the sounds you want to hear and those you want to block out. Endless options!
  • Give me strength – there’s now a platform for sharing your thoughts online, and you get paid for your posts. It screams quality to me. Not.



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