12 ways to reduce basket abandonment and Facebook’s lead ads 

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Preventing youth suicide in a digital age

Every day, 7 people in Australia take their own lives. Within the youth demographic, since 2009 there have been almost 3,000 deaths.  The youth research project I’ve been banging on about for years is all about seeing how digital can help bring down youth suicide rates and improve mental health and wellbeing. Our Western Sydney University partners explain the work in this nifty video, and the launch of our final project for Safe and Well Online is expected in market in early 2016. I can’t spoil the surprise though as we’re currently in our cohort recruitment phase so we can assess behavioural change. Wish us luck!

Assisting young Indigenous dads within the community 

Stayin on Track Becoming a parent is a daunting and challenging experience. While there are a few support services available, not a lot of them cater to men within Indigenous communities. Recently, the Young and Well CRC & The University of Newcastle rolled out the Stayin’ on Track project. This offers online resources developed by and for young Aboriginal dads to help them with their fatherhood transition. A few days ago, ABC’s 7.30 program featured this story. Definitely worth a visit!

12 ways to reduce basket abandonment on your e-commerce site

Abandoned Cart Imagine this: Mike walks into his local grocery store. Equipped with his shopping list and basket, he starts picking up products and slowly making his way to the checkout. Then he starts thinking. What if the milk across the road was cheaper? What if they have vanilla cookies instead of the double choc chip ones he’s picked up?  Now, at the checkout, the clerk has already started scanning the products and the bill comes out higher. The store adds in a ‘scan & packaging’ fee. And they don’t accept MasterCard. Frustrated, Mike walks out of the store without completing his purchase.

What an unlikely situation! But not in e-commerce. With the growth of online stores, shopping cart abandonment rate continues to rise. Right now, the average rate of a bunch of studies calculated by Baymard is 68.07%. That means that roughly only 1 in every 4 customers actually finish their purchase. EConsultancy looks at 12 ways this can be avoided. It can be as basic as simplifying your forms, through to reducing load times and removing distractions. To this day I am amused at how many hoops I have to jump through just to checkout a singular item on certain websites.

 Facebook’s Lead Ads

Facebook Lead AdsGenerating leads on Facebook has now become just a tad easier. With new functionality, you can directly ask your audiences and prospective buyers for their information without them ever leaving the platform. Simply show your ads to your users and if they’re interested, they will click the CTA and bring up a pre-populated form of personal details. Users then review this info, edit if need be, and submit. No-brainer. 



RankBrain: Google’s latest changes to how search is processed 

Move over Google search algorithm, handcrafted by Google’s engineers! Introducing RankBrain, a machine-based artificial intelligence that Google uses to process a large fraction of search results per day. The manner in which RankBrain interprets search queries is quite pioneering. Remember Mark talked about AI some time ago? This isn’t going away, so you’d better get your head around it.

 Photo Magic from Facebook Messenger 
Facebook Photo Magic

Just last week, Facebook’s unveiled Photo Magic, a Messenger feature that scans a users’ most recent photos on a device’s camera roll and then determines if any of their Facebook friends are in that pic. It does this using the same facial recognition technology found in photo tagging and the Moments app. Once it identifies a pal, it will ask the user if they want to share the picture with that person via Messenger. Instead of users spending time sending pics to their friends, Facebook strives to solve this problem in a slightly invasive yet effortless manner.

Mike’s driving a Shitbox around New Zealand 

Every year, Mike takes a week out to do something stupid; race tuk tuks around India, fly vintage aircraft over African swamps and whitewater rafting in Tasmania. This year, he’s upped the ante a little, and is raising $4,000 for the Cancer Council so that he can join the Shitbox Rally around New Zealand. In a nutshell, that’s a week with his dad nursing an old banger worth less than $1,000 through the wild countryside of New Zealand. Please contribute to his fund-raising efforts for the Cancer Council by donating here or if you’d like to Sponsor the team, drop Mike a note! 

Bits & pieces

  • Heart (breaks?) on Twitter.  Last week, Twitter announced that’s changing the star/favourite icon to a ‘heart/like’.  This has caused quite an uproar! In an article for the New York Times, Katherine Rosman outlines why this move is a step away from Twitter’s functionality. Okay then!
  • Ever fancied experiencing the North Pole without actually getting too cold? In South Korea, North Face used Oculus Rift VR headsets to give participants the experience of being pulled by sled dogs. Little did they know, they would be in for a real treat, as store employees would take off the headset and shoppers were taken for a joyful pull around the mall by real sled dogs! Teaming up with Korea’s national dog sledding team, this experience certainly brought the brand to life in an unforgettable way.
  • This research published in Harvard Business Review suggests that brands can measure and then target consumers based on their emotions. Categorised as ‘emotional motivators’, here are 10 drivers that brands can use to connect with their audiences emotions.
  • Brilliant execution by the folks over at Zulu Alpha Kilo, a Toronto based ad agency. It brings to life how insane the entire agency business pitch process is, in quite a satirical manner. Not to upset any clients out there, but seriously, it’s true isn’t it!
  • We’ve all been on a wine tour, or some sort of brewery tour. However, in Colorado, the Cannabis Ranch & Amphitheatre is set to become the world’s first “weedery” offering tours of their marijuana cultivation center and dispensary, just a short distance from downtown Denver. The ranch will feature its own restaurant and bar, outdoor amphitheater, and a gift shop.  Something for everyone! 

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