Valentina Borbone

Valentina is a co-founder of Zuni, and following her relocation to Bowral and her tree-change, continues to work with Zuni delivering training to Zuni’s clients.

Val has been an ADMA tutor / lecturer since 2007 and in 2011 became the Digital Lead, where she is responsible for the content development and course facilitation for both classroom and online courses. Current courses include the Digital Marketing Certificate, Digital Essentials and Email Marketing. Val has also run a range of in-house courses for clients ranging from Stockland and through to Oticon and Macquarie University. Her subject matter expertise ranges from digital strategy and marketing through to monetisation, privacy and legal ethics.

In her time at Zuni, Val was also involved in client strategy and implementation projects, including Macquarie University’s CheckIn program, the Young and Well CRC’s Keep It Tame and Goalzie projects, a wide range of healthcare projects and others.

Val’s marketing career started back in 1994, working with Pearl & Dean Advertising (now Val Morgan), followed by 7 years promotional marketing experience at Legion Interactive (now Salmat) and digital centric roles as Media Director and General Manager at Profero.

In addition to her many roles, Val is an experienced Privacy & Spam Officer, and has worked with an array of clients and industries including all major media & entertainment publishers in Australia, healthcare, pharmaceutical and education.


We asked Valentina Borbone...

Q: What is your favourite thing to do online?

A: Selling things I no longer need, giving someone a bargain for something I probably paid a lot of money for.

Q: If you could be an animal, what would you be?

A: My Labrador Kane. Loyal, happy, plays well with others and I love food, would sleep all day in the sun if I had the chance and all I do when I’m home alone is sit in the peacefulness and wait for someone to come home and play with….

Q: Favourite kind of project to work on and why?

A: Any project is fun for me to work on, as long as I am helping someone. I judge my own success by how happy others are.

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