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Zuni founder Mike Zeederberg and co founder Valentina Borbone are frequently asked to share their digital expertise and speak at conferences and events on many aspects of digital. You can view some of these experiences below. Also, check out our various training and presentation decks on Slideshare.

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ADMA Masterclass


Speaker: Mike Zeederberg

Topic: Digital Transformation Masterclass 

Mike ran a half day Masterclass for ADMA around Digital Transformation, what it means, how to achieve it and what types of structures, models and frameworks can be utilised to facilitate it’s implementation. This was a highly interactive session with 13 senior people from a wide range of industries, and explored the realities of transformation from a practical perspective. 

IAB & UNLtd Digital Marketing Training Day


Speaker: Mike Zeederberg

Topic: Digital Marketing for NFPs

Facilitated by the IAB Australia, UnLtd ran a Digital Marketing Training day aimed at helping charities better understand the fundamentals of digital and how to utilise it. Mike presented twice on the day, once on Digital Strategy, and once around Email Marketing, with both presentations focused on the NFP sector and how to achieve great outcomes from extremely limited budgets. 

Ideas Exchange Series


Speaker: Mike Zeederberg

Topic: How to Measure Marketing Success

The Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees run an ongoing training program called the Ideas Exchange Series, and Mike was invited to present at the Marketing Day in Melbourne. His presentation was around how Super Funds can develop a balanced scorecard for their marketing activity, and explored all areas of metrics and measurement, including developing business cases and mapping marketing KPI frameworks to business outcomes. He also facilitated a workshop that allowed attendees to apply the principles to their own business using industry specific examples. 

Digital Leaders Summit

Digital Leaders Summit

Speaker: Mike Zeederberg

Topic:Technology Changing Consumer Behaviour

As technology integration into daily life has taken hold in the last 20 years, it’s incredibly important for consumers to feel connected and efficient. The presentation looked at technological advances enabling consumers to take control of their own actions and their interactions with friends, families, businesses and brands. Traditional thinking is obsolete, and the opportunity for brands to be present in the same way, shape or form that meets consumer expectation is ripe for the picking. Discover the technologies making a difference and the consumer behaviour that follows, shaping our futures.


Woolworths Liquor Division – Inspiration Session
Woolworths Liquor Group

Speaker: Valentina Borbone

Topic: Technology Changing Consumer Behaviour

Val explored how technology changes the way people behave and interact with the world around them. With a focus on brands striving to meet the ever changing needs of consumers, this presentation looked at how tech developments have adapted.


Content Marketing World 
Content Marketing Sydney

Speaker: Jacki James

Topic: How can content drive ROI in retail?

Demonstrating ROI is about more than just the metrics you put in front of management at the end of the month. Results start with having a strategy focused on the right areas, implementing that strategy and consistently measuring the impact of your content strategy. This presentation predominately focused on the retail sector, however the principles explored are applicable across industries.


REA Australia- Media Sales Team Kick off
REA Group

Speaker: Valentina Borbone

Leveraging her experience in digital media sales, Val created a three-hour inspiration session for the sales team to launch their 2015 Sales Conference. With advertisers becoming increasingly savvy with digital media options, the sales team explored aspirational selling based on technology and social media. As consumers spend 6-12 months searching for a new property, this presentation demonstrates the thought process for their customers and what their head is telling their wallet to do!


2014 and earlier

Australian Hotel Industry Conference


Speaker: Mike Zeederberg

Topic: The Digital Generation- How to target and convert the new digital customer

A record of just under 400 leading hoteliers, suppliers, consultants and travel leaders attended the fifth Australasian Hotel Industry Conference and Exhibition (AHICE), one that saw keynote speakers and panelists educate, inform and inspire those present.


Active Management Fitness Webinar


Speaker: Valentina Borbone

Active Management helps fitness businesses grow. Val’s Webinar focused on how to identify where your prospective customers and current customers are spending their time in the digital world and how to harness this environment for a fitness business. Understanding the channels and platforms that play a part in a customer’s decision making process, ensuring you know what they want and when they want it.


Associations Forum National Conference

AF Logo

Speaker: Mike Zeederberg

Topic: Why Associations Need a Digital Strategy

Australia’s flagship event for associations, charities and the not-for-profit sector, with over 50 CEOs, senior managers and experts leading interactive discussions on commercial products, digital strategy, economic reform, education, governance, influence, leadership and more.


Campus Link


Speaker: Valentina Borbone

As education options diversify, it’s more important than ever to keep university students engaged and happy on campus. This presentation addresses how data is being used to engage students, demonstrating the ground-breaking approach that the Macquarie University Campus Life team are undertaking to transform their student experience. View the presentation on Slideshare.


IAB Not-for-profit Digital Training Day


Speaker: Mike Zeederberg & Miranda Bond

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Limited is the peak trade association for online advertising in Australia. In June 2014 IAB collaborated with industry experts to present a one day training workshop specifically for the Not-For-Profit sector. Mike presented on the role of digital strategy for small and large Not-for-Profit businesses and Zuni’s Strategic Planner Miranda Bond presented on Email Marketing for Not-For-Profits.


Lend Lease

Speaker: Valentina Borbone

As a part of the company’s 2014 National Marketing Conference, the Zuni team conducted an ‘Introduction to the digital landscape’ session.



Presentation Speaker: Valentina Borbone

This presentation discussed the importance of data in a ‘communications environment’. You can view the presentation on Slideshare.


Tourism Brokers

Speaker: Valentina Borbone

As a part of the company’s 2014 National Sales Conference, the Zuni team conducted an ‘Introduction to the digital landscape’ session.


Econsultancy Digital Cream


Speaker: Mike Zeederberg & Valentina Borbone

In 2012, Zuni acted as a moderator for this Social Media conference. This was an invitation-only event for senior client-side digital marketers to help them learn from each other about the latest best practice, what’s working and what’s not. The event is part of a global series of Digital Cream events running in London, Dubai, Shanghai, Singapore, New York, Chicago and San Jose.


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